Elected Officials Must Stand Up for Democracy

By Brandon Jessup,Repeal Public Act 4
The repeal of Public Act 4 of 2011,“The Local Government and School District Financial Accountability Act” is igniting citizens from all across this state to “Stand Up For Democracy”. On Saturday,June 18,2011 beginning at 11:00 a.m. 50,000 petitions have been printed and are ready for distribution statewide. Volunteers will be meeting to gather petitions and sweep their local cities,townships,and villages to suspend and repeal the local dictator legislation on the November 2012 ballot.

As Michigan Forward stands with the residents of Michigan,we invite all elected officials to join this fight. Public Act 4 dismantles democracy our elected officials swear to represent and protect. Absolute power corrupts absolutely;this act has absolutely corrupted the relationship between the people and their elected leadership. The response from elected officials shouldn’t be “if you can’t beat them join them.” https://web.archive.org/web/20170703220925/http://www.hewbo.com/iimagecover.htmlInstead,we encourage you to work to repeal this woeful legislation that balloons deficits and stalls economic recovery.

Rumors are circulating around elected public officials feeling threatened by this local dictator law. Various mayors have been rumored to participate in trainings and negotiating to become emergency managers in the cities they have been elected to govern. The threat is real for our public officials,but the lasting damage lies with the communities these public officials are elected to represent. Our cities,towns and villages are made up of their public assets. Stand against the unchecked power given to emergency managers to sell public water and sewage departments without public input. Join the fight with Michigan Forward and our growing coalition to Stand Up for Democracy,Build Michigan and Repeal Public Act 4.

Please accept this letter as an open invitation to stand with us at one of the locations listed below. If you are ready to repeal Public Act 4 please contact me via email at [email protected] or visit our website,download our sample resolution to support this issue.

Michigan Forward has launched a referendum campaign to Repeal Public Act 4. To date,we have over 2,000 volunteers and growing to collect the 161,304 signatures need to place this issue on the November 2012 ballot. Our coalition of business owners,community leaders and civic groups are working in coalition to secure 250,000 signatures from Michigan voters. This referendum is direct action on the emergency our communities are facing economically and politically. Together we are standing for democracy and together we will revive our cities,towns and school districts without absolute control.

Yours for Democracy,

Brandon Jessup

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Maureen D Taylor
June 23,2011 at 08:55 ·Reply
Dear Brandon;Please reach me about this activity. On July 15th,we need as many volunteers as possible to join MI Welfare Rights as we stand along the main route people use to attend the Tiger baseball game that day. We gather at 4pm,and for the next three hours,we solicit signatures from the 1000′s who will be walking past us. We can line 10-15 tables along that route,but we will need help to manage the crowds. I have contacted both General Baker and Marian Kramer,and they suggest that I reach you directly to secure your support and ask that you help coordinate this massive effort. The game on Friday 7/15 starts at 7pm,and the game on Saturday starts at4pm. Can we talk about this? Maureen D Taylor,State Chairperson/MI Welfare Rights Org. (313) 729-5558 c#.