Dictators Over Communities of Color: Coming to a Town Near You

September 5th, 2011 | By Michigan Forward, Media

Advancement Project, in partnership with Michigan Forward and New Media Advocacy Project, has released a video detailing Michigan’s attack on democracy, voting rights and people of color.

Michigan’s state legislature passed Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act on March 16,2011. Also known as Public Act 4, this law greatly increases the power and authority of Emergency Managers who can be appointed by the Governor to deal with financial emergencies in schools, cities, villages and townships.

Across Michigan voters have been disenfranchised in Detroit, Benton Harbor, Ecorse and Pontiac under this new legislation. More communities under the threat of Emergency Management are Flint, Highland Park and a potential 150 + school districts across Michigan.

Benton Harbor has seen the most extreme situation where an Emergency Manager has now seized total control of the entire. The order went into effect on April 14,2011 and has virtually stripped citizens of their voting power! In Pontiac, a past manager sold the treasured and historic Pontiac Silverdome stadium for only $583,000 when it cost over $55 million to build.

In Ecorse, emergency managers in both cities made major layoffs to the firefighter and police departments,outsourcing many of the jobs to neighboring cities. Lastly in Detroit, the emergency manager for the largest school system in Michigan has closed schools, and threatens to increase class sizes to 60 students, and completely ignored parent and student voices!

To get involved please visit: michiganforward.org or call 866-304-5168.

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