Statewide Coalition to Repeal Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law Continues to Grow as Detroit and Flint Become Takeover Targets

Stand Up for Democracy is announcing it has verified more than half of the 250,000 signatures the group wants to collect. Only 161,304 valid signatures are needed to freeze the emergency manager law and put it on the November 2012 general election ballot. Leaders representing more than 3,500 volunteers from across the state held a teleconference call today detailing many of their successes.

The petitions call for a vote to repeal the emergency manager law that gave them sweeping powers, including the ability to:

-          Seize and sell public assets without a court order

-          Remove elected officials from office without due process

-          Dissolve or merge cities, townships and school districts without a popular vote

-          Break binding contracts and eliminate collective bargaining rights at will

-          Close vital public services without a public hearing

“The law is a naked power grab byLansingpoliticians,” said Traverse City resident Amy Hardin, from Reject Emergency Managers, a member group of Stand Up for Democracy.

“This law has disenfranchised over 550,000 registered voters and counting, we must strike down this law immediately for the sake of Michigan Democracy. Emergency managers are dictators over local communities who rule with impunity; threaten our Democracy and local rights. Michigan’s communities can’t continue to sell public services, layoff employees and create local policy and ordinances without community input,” said Brandon Jessup, Chairman & CEO of Michigan Forward and member of Stand Up for Democracy.  “We’ve documented the ills of this odious law in our mini-documentary released on Labor Day. This coalition is the elixir for communities under the dictatorship of emergency management and those facing possible takeover we are champions for Democracy and we encourage all Michigan voters to with us.” Jessup said.

People can protect democracy by volunteering at polling locations this Tuesday, November 8, or at the next Detroit Lions home game on Sunday, November 20.  We will have free food and drink for volunteers and tailgating fun once the game starts.

For more information go to, email us at or call 1-866-306-5168.

4 thoughts on “Statewide Coalition to Repeal Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law Continues to Grow as Detroit and Flint Become Takeover Targets

  1. Pat Wasvary

    Subject: Emergency Manager Law
    This law is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!! It cannot stand just on that basis alone!
    That’s what the American Revolution was about.
    If your elected mayor/council is not in control and you pay city taxes then that is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!!!

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