Urban Economic Forum

Economics, policy and the urban center are separated and discussed in silos. However, their common thread is poverty. Urban Economic Forum is the research and discussion of the various off-spring of poverty: lack of jobs and a diminished tax base, reduced access to adequate public services such as education, regional transportation, and health care, handicaps families and communities will build a better understanding of how to avoid building systems of poverty in the future.

Michigan Forward held its first Urban Economic Forum on October 1, 2010. Urban Economic Forum is an annual public policy event, focused on poverty and its effects on Michigan’s urban centers. UEF is supplemented by a semiannual policy newsletter “Urban Economic Report”. The first Urban Economic Report titled, Turning Michigan Around. Our first report features 10 Ways to Revive our State and Urban Centers which lists public policy items that can change Michigan’s urban centers, economically and socially.

Download the 2011 Urban Economic Forum Sponsorship Packet 





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