Forward Conversations

Forward Conversations is a discussion series that exposes its attendees to some domestic and foreign issues that shape the urban center socially, politically or economically. Michigan Forward’s objective with this series is to build on its vision of creating a public policy environment that is responsive to the intricacies of the urban center.

Through this series Michigan Forward seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Enhance the consciousness and understanding of issues that directly or indirectly impact Michigan’s urban centers
  • Identify areas of policy improvement and opportunities for civic engagement
  • Produce related reports that summarize the topic, its discussion and resulting action items

This discussion series is educational and intimate, providing attendees with an insight on domestic and foreign policy from an urban center perspective. To ensure the urban center perspective is accounted for, Michigan Forward will produce pre and post event documents that identify how each discussion topic affects the urban center; whether positive or negative.

Past Forward Conversation Events

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