Build the Base - An open forum for residents in urban areas to participate in civic engagement in local and state public policy. Michigan Forward will work with community partners to organize, educate and encourage residents to engage with local and state policy makers.  Build the Base furthers our mission to actively engage the urban center in Michigan’s revival.

Forward Conversations -  A discussion series that exposes its attendees to some domestic and foreign issues that shape the urban center socially, politically or economically.

Common Sense – A consumer protection program that educates the community with community partners in both the public and private sector. This initiative’s objective is to provide an outlet for consumer advocacy and protection while providing educational opportunities to the urban community on the finance industry, debt and bankruptcy.

Politrac - Our legislative research and advocacy program, supporting our work as a progressive public policy think tank. Politrac is focused on data collection and analysis of Michigan public policy, legislation and legislative action.

Urban Economic Forum – A annual event that explores resolution to public issues that encourage poverty and celebrates innovation from businesses in the public and private sector in Michigan’s urban centers.  Our spring session, introduces our first Benchmark Awards highlighting innovation in economics, education and energy.