Repeal Public Act 4 – Talking Points

Public Act 4 of 2011, “The Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act” has created elite bureaucrats with absolute power by expanding the role and power of Michigan’s emergency financial managers. This legislation supersedes the previous emergency financial manager policy and court decisions that provide accountability and support democracy. Many municipalities and school districts in Michigan’s urban areas are threatened by the extremes this policy takes in the sign of financial distress.

Public Act 4 threatens Democracy and gives unprecedented power to one person. This unconstitutional law gives absolute power to elite bureaucrats to dismiss elected public officials. Emergency Managers can redirect federal funds from local communities; jeopardizing brown field projects and urban renewal projects to rebuild Michigan roads, communities and public services. This violates the right of Michigan citizens to elect a local representative government.

Gov. Snyder’s cuts to revenue sharing set the stage for emergency management in Michigan’s core communities. Governor Snyder’s tax reform plan forces Michigan’s core communities in manufacturing, education and tourism to take huge cuts in our state’s revenue sharing program. Our state’s revenue sharing system provides millions of dollars to cities, towns and counties. This includes essential public support police, fire and emergency services in our cities and metro areas. Michigan’s core communities must have means to create revenue locally and to the state.

Michigan’s urban and metro communities are rebuilding and revitalizing. Michigan’s urban communities need more cooperation from our state capital. Public Act 4 forces local government to bear the cost of hiring unelected bureaucrats. Cities across the state are on the rebound creating regional collaborations in transportation, education and shared services, finding innovative ways to generate local revenue.  Public Act 4 for is an unfunded mandate that disengages communities from the democratic process that is powering our local revival.

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