About Michigan Forward

Michigan Forward is a Michigan non-profit organization specializing in creating progressive public policy initiatives for state and local governments.

Our Mission
To research, strategize and advocate around statewide public policy issues from the perspective of the urban center. Michigan Forward is a non-partisan organization for progressive, forward thinking policy and initiatives.

Our Vision
The urban center is a natural incubator of progressive policy. Our commitment is to the research, strategy and advocacy of forward thinking public policy that is beneficial to Michigan and its urban centers.

Our Objectives

  • Become a premier public policy organization in Michigan.
  • Identify current public policy that negatively affects the urban center and its prosperity and suggest corrective measures.
  • Research current public policy initiatives and their effect on Michigan’s urban centers.
  • Forecast and identify future issues and initiatives for the advancement of Michigan through the urban center.
  • Collaborate with like organizations on local, state and national stages.


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